Manufacturer: SeQual

Condition: new

Warranty: 3 year

Volume: 10 LPM

Pressure: 7-9 psi

What Makes the Regalia Special


The Regalia stands out and above all other concentrators because of the technology behind it and the features it offers.  All concentrators operate by taking air and separating out the nitrogen from the oxygen, argon, and trace gases.  The nitrogen is purged back into the atmosphere and the oxygen, argon, and trace gases are produced as the output.  This is why oxygen concentrators do not give 100% pure oxygen without additional treatment.

Standard concentrators use a system of two sieve canisters where oxygen is taken from one canister and then the next through a process called pressure swing adsorption.  The oxygen is drawn out of each sieve canister and held in an internal storage tank.

Once the oxygen in the internal storage tank is depleted (which happens quickly when you run a large flame), the torch will run straight off the production of the sieve canisters as they release the oxygen. There is a pause in oxygen production during the switch-over from one canister to the other. This causes not only that valve purge swoosh noise commonly associated with hospitals and nursing homes, but (more of pertinent to us) it causes a fluctuation in the flame - the “breathing” flame you may have heard of.  There are also a lot of parts required for this process.

The Regalia, on the other hand, uses a system of 12 sieve canisters with a rotating valve (the ATF module).

This simplified configuration ensures a constant flow of oxygen with no valve purge noise and no fluctuation in the flame.  The other benefit of this design, besides the obvious lack of flame fluctuation, is that it requires fewer parts and a much
lower swing in the pressure output of the air compressor.  Translation: less wear on the machine and a longer life for the machine when properly run and cared for.

This graph simply shows how the pressure output of an air compressor in a traditional concentrator swings from high to low.  It shows the resulting oxygen production.  The pressure output of the air compressor used in the Regalia is much steadier, and so is the oxygen production.

Easy to Use and Easy to Maintain

Another technological advantage the Regalia has is its ability to run whether the oxygen valve on the torch is open or shut, unlike standard concentrators and generators that alarm or even shut down when the torch’s oxygen valve is closed. You can run a torch on the Regalia very much like you would on tanked oxygen.  You don’t have to remember to open the valves of your torch when you aren’t running a flame.

Unlike other machines, including it’s predecessor, the Integra 10, the Regalia has a no-nonsense digital flow meter and control panel that ensures the unit is never accidentally run over it's rating - no more guesswork and no more watching the bouncing ball while you torch. You simply set it and forget it.  The flow meter keeps the flow steady and won’t let it creep up or down due to changes in temperature or humidity.

The Regalia is very easy to operate and very easy to maintain. There is an external cabinet filter that should be kept clean (wash and dry every couple of weeks, more often if your studio is dusty) and replaced as needed (every year or so, $7/each or 2 for $12 - see accessories page). The internal compressor inlet filter should be replaced after about 4,000 hours of use ($32 plus shipping - see accessories page). After 10,000 hours of use, you will want to get the compressor rebuilt.

Because of the technology behind the Regalia, it does not require as many parts as conventional machines. There are fewer parts to maintain and fewer parts to fail. Also, because of the ATF module, there is not as much stress on the compressor. The result is a great machine that when cared for properly will give you years of dependable service.

The Standard Regalia is $1550 plus shipping.  California and Pennsylvania orders are subject to sales tax.  Please contact Kimberly before ordering.  Shipping is $65 to the lower 48 contiguous United States.  For orders in Alaska and Hawaii or outside of the United States, please contact Kimberly before ordering. Orders will not be processed before May 26th.


The Regalia is a 10 LPM oxygen concentrator that powers all of the bead-sized torches beautifully, as well as the centerfires of the larger torches, for soft glass and boro. It is the perfect companion to a Minor, Mega Minor, Lynx, Bobcat, Mini CC, Alpha and many more torches! You can also use the Regalia to run mid-sized standard torches, such as the GTT Scorpion or the Bethlehem Bravo for working soft glass and some boro.  The Regalia can also run two small torches at the same time for bead work - great for when you want to invite a friend over to play glass or when you want to teach someone how to make beads.


SeQual Technologies Inc. standard products, when properly installed and under normal conditions of use, are warranted by SeQual to be free from defects in material and workmanship at time of shipment and for a period of 36 months (the warranty period) from date of manufacture or 36 months from the date of manufacture of customer?s product incorporating our unit, whichever first occurs, provided that it is properly operated and maintained in accordance with SeQual’s operating and service instructions.

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All returns to SeQual must be freight prepaid, properly packaged in a SeQual approved shipping container and properly identified by a Returned Goods Authorization number issued by SeQual.


Maintenance items, such as filters, and normal wear and replacement of routine service parts, such as compressor piston cups and seals, are excluded from the warranty.  SeQual shall not be liable to buyer for consequential damages, or damages of any kind based upon a claim for breach of warranty other than as stated above. 


The foregoing warranty shall not apply, and SeQual shall be relieved of any obligation or liability, if this equipment has been repaired or altered by use of components other than those manufactured or approved by SeQual, or if this equipment has been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or accident.


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Some Torches Running on the Regalia

Here are some videos from the Pyronamix channel on YouTube.  These videos are not glassworking tutorials.  They simply show the types of flames achievable on the Regalia.